What to Expect

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

– Joseph H. Pilates

The mind-body disconnect is pervasive in our culture. Most American’s now sit at a computer for the majority of their day leading not only to atrophied muscles, but a disconnected relationship with the body. By using the Pilates method developed over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates, our instructors will strive to help you reestablish this connection in order to help you be your best, most effective self.


Our instructors have been trained to evaluate posture and and movement and tailor a workout based upon this deduction. By increasing structural alignment through controlled movement and strengthening, you will increase mobility, balance, and decrease pain that stems from these postural deficiencies. You can benefit from this whether you’re a twenty-something snowboarder looking for a better ride, or an eighty-year-old wanting to feel more secure going up and down the stairs.


The brain is plastic! In the words of author and chiropractor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “What neurons fire together, wire together.” Through presence of movement and increased proprioception (bodily awareness and positional sense generated by sensory feedback) you are actually changing your brain. By concentrating on learning and feeling each movement and every muscle involved in executing it properly, you are, in turn, creating new neural pathways that lead to increased agility, balance, self-esteem and overall sense of well-being. This is fundamental in preventing cognitive decline.


As the name New Body insinuates, we want to help you create a stronger, leaner, more lithe physique. We even provide you with a suggested eating plan to ensure that you get the New Body you’ve always wanted. However, while we know aesthetics are important in our appearance-obsessed culture, the greatest joy as instructors comes from seeing not only the external transformation clients go through, but also the increased self-esteem and self-awareness that stems from the mind-body reconnection. Clients often boast that Pilates was the catalyst for them to try other athletic endeavors they may have otherwise opted out of or felt intimidated by.


The Pilates Method takes a holistic approach to stretching and strengthening the body drawing on principles including control, breath, concentration, precision, flow and centering to achieve the myriad aforementioned health benefits. On the various studio apparatus (see page entitled “Studio” for pictures) we teach you how to use these guiding principles focusing on fluidity of movement and using the body correctly as an integrated whole. We use this holistic paradigm to re-establish harmony between the body’s structure and its function, tailoring the workout to fit your individual needs in order to achieve your individual fitness goals.


While there’s a trend in the fitness industry toward crowded group classes with little individualized attention, our Pilates studio believes that for clients to get the most out of their workout–and to prevent injury–they must be able to concentrate fully. At New Body, we pride ourselves on offering a very private setting: one that allows our clients to focus on learning the various Pilates “moves” without being distracted by other students and another instructor teaching at the same time. At our studio a private session really is private; a maximum of four students and one teacher is in the studio at any one time. In providing an intimate setting for students, we believe clients can excel at Pilates much more quickly and with much less risk of injury. This way we insure an efficient Pilates session so that you get your moneys worth. If for whatever reason your session will overlap with another session, we will gain your permission in advance for the overlap.