Simply the best – Megan is totally creative and attentive to individual goals.  I’ve been attending workouts for 2 years now. Decided to make pilates a regular part of IronMan strength training. Prior to beginning core I regularly injured my back when running weekly. After joining Megan’s group I’ve had zero back issues over the past 2 years.  Small group sessions (4 or less) coupled with an exceptionally creative trainer and brand new reformers makes for fantastic workouts every week.

-Pete K., West Seattle

Everything about this place is unique…especially my instructor Lisa Kelly. She has given the expression New Body a true meaning!

Her twice weekly sessions have transformed me from the outside in, she is an inspiration and I am thankful for her professionalism and care she puts into every sesssion.

-Christina N., West Seattle 

LOVE New Body Pilates.  Totally hooked!  Trinj is the best instructor ever!!!

-Jeremy S., Kirkland  

Megan was my instructor and she was awesome!!! This was my first pilates class and she made me feel very comfortable. I was referred to her by my loan officer. New body pilates is highly recommended!!!

-Mel B., West Seattle 

About a year ago I started having chronic back pain — there were days it took me five minutes just to walk 10 feet to the bathroom or kitchen.  Turned out I have three bulging discs — awesome, right?  After a series of visits to doctors, specialists, the chiropractor, the acupuncturist, the massage therapist, the physical therapist and trying various pain meds that didn’t work, I was no closer to finding a way out of the pain.  About seven months later, I realized that I had just gotten used to living with the pain — ummmm, not normal.  The one thing people kept saying was that I had to develop a stronger core.  Well, that just irritated me even more — how the heck was I supposed to do that when I couldn’t even find a comfortable position to sit, stand, lie, drive, sleep, work, etc.?!  Begrudgingly, I started researching Pilates studios in West Seattle.  I emailed New Body Pilates and explained my situation, and Megan responded quickly, saying she thought they could help (insert buckets of joyful tears here). 

I was paired up with Trinjia, and honestly, my life changed starting with that very first session.  I immediately started feeling relief, probably because my body was so thankful to be moving in some productive way again. (Side note: I discovered swimming was also a great pain reliever, and it’s been a great cardio component.)  But Trinjia tailored every session to my specific back problem, and together we figured out what would or wouldn’t work.  Within two months, I was 95% pain free. 95%!!!  I was even able to spend two days at Disneyland with my family.  Now there’s actually very little I can’t do in class, and I’ve even moved into more of the advanced work after four short months.  I credit Pilates as the method, but I credit Trinjia as the life changer.  I’ve never met anyone so genuinely interested and invested in my well being and healing, and who is so creative with incorporating my muscle memory and athletic training that I had before my injury.  My workouts fly by every single time — no looking at the clock every five minutes, praying that it’s over.  I am a stronger person because of her — physically, mentally and emotionally.  Life is so much better when not living it in constant pain.  And a nice little bonus — I see a rockin’ body in the not-so-distant future!

-A. Archer, West Seattle 

It’s been 2yrs now that I have been working with Megan weekly in her Pilates studio.  This girl continues to be a fabulous trainer and pushes me weekly to preform at my best.  I will be a customer for many years to come.  Thanks Megan!!

-Caroline B., West Seattle 

New Body Pilates offers outstanding services and is operated by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  It is a nice, comfortable, bright studio owned by a very professional trainer, Megan. The instructors focus on your goals and they will push you as hard as you want, or help you still get a good work out with a lower impact session.

I started training with Megan over a year ago when she was an instructor at Aloha Pilates, and she is a consumate professional.  She keeps an eye on every move you make, regardless of the size of the class.  There is a nice mix of mat and reformer work. The focus on engaging your core muscles throughout the movements of the exercises makes for a much more efficient workout and you feel the results fairly quickly:  I feel lighter on my feet and my sense of balance seems to be greater. My energy level started increasing also.  Megan is dedicated in helping you reach your fitness goals!

-Julie M., West Seattle 

I have been going to New Body Pilates for 5 months.  I hadn’t worked out in years.  The amount of muscle tone, strength and flexibility I’ve gained is amazing.  I attend Jenn’s  mat class and a duet class with Trinj every week.  I look forward to both classes and have become a bit of an addict!

-Ginger W., Seattle 

New Body Pilates is fantastic! Its a welcoming space – clean and bright. Megan is so much fun. She’s a great instructor – challenging but also kind and patient. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Pilates, but also fitness in general. She’s full of great, realistic tips for healthy living. I had never tried Pilates until I came to New Body Pilates but am so glad I did. I highly recommend it!

-Shannon C., Southpark

New Body Pilates sets the standard for local studios. The studio provides a fun, customized workout experience in a cheerful, friendly environment. The space is bright, open and stocked with first-rate equipment. Megan is highly skilled professional and produces BODY-CHANGING results. She is positive, energetic, encouraging and personable – people one looks forward to seeing.

I could not recommend New Body Pilates more highly. Regular session increase my strength, flexibility and stamina – making me feel happier and healthier overall.

-Kate H., Madrona

This place is fantastic! It is a clean, bright studio inside, and has top-notch equipment. I am a fit 52 year old, and had resisted what I thought of as “gym” workouts for years. But I decided to give Pilates a try as a way to strengthen my core, which was quite weak after 2 children. I signed up with Megan when she was at Aloha, and she is a *wonderful* instructor. She is very safe, professional, always up-beat, and so encouraging! I saw my fitness & muscle tone improve dramatically after only a few weeks, results that I’ve never had before with any other workout. Although I haven’t lost pounds, I’ve lost inches, and I find that my other sports, like hiking & kayaking, are much easier as a result of my new “Pilates muscles”.

Megan is a master at intuiting you’re strengths and abilities, & pushes just the right amount so that you are gaining strength & flexibility with each class. I highly recommend New Body for their positive, professional staff and because I’ve achieved outstanding results there, in one hour per week!

-Paula L., West Seattle

I’ve been taking Pilates from Megan for about 5 months now.   I had never done machine Pilates before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve really enjoyed it AND I’m seeing great results.  I’ve really toned up and become stronger and more flexible.

Megan is a super instructor – always positive, encouraging and fun!  She does a great job keeping an eye on your form so you get the most out of each exercise and avoid injury.  She also mixes up each workout so it’s never repetitive and always challenging.  I stay engaged during the entire workout and the hour just flies by.   I always feel so good afterward!  She is awesome!!

-Susan R., Seattle 

Joseph Pilates was right when he said in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body. I’ve done my 30 and I definitely do have a whole new body, stronger, straighter, more agile, quicker to recover, whole. So here is a salute to Joe but it’s Megan to whom I owe the biggest thanks.  She is such a gifted teacher.  She takes in wherever you are with your body, helps you make subtle adjustments in your Pilates workout when your injured and always, always keeps you moving forward to the next level. I have done many other approaches including 5 years with a personal trainer but I have never experienced anything that has so significantly built my stamina and endurance. And get this. I’m 67 and I now have no difficulty keeping up with most of the 40-somethings. If you want to wake up everyday and love the body your in, get in there and ask for Megan.

-Mo M., Seattle

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