Lenize Gulin

me-1Lenize, or Le (pronounced Lay) was born and raised in Brazil and was fascinated by dance and fitness from an early age. Upon moving to the USA in 2000, she discovered Pilates and quickly became an avid practitioner. Le’s university degree in Architecture and Design helped her to develop and launch her own line of women’s fitness apparel in 2003. This company was heavily focused on the Pilates and Yoga communities.

Through clothing brand promotion Le was able to meet and work with instructors from diverse lineages and approaches to the Pilates Method. In 2005 Le met Rebecca Leone and she started her on the path of deepening her understanding of Pilates and movement biomechanics. Le began attending some of her workshops and anatomy lab classes and Rebecca has been a key reference, mentor and friend to Le ever since. In 2013, having practiced and worked around Pilates for more than 10 years, Le decided to pursue it as a career. She is currently in Rebecca Leone’s Comprehensive Teacher Training Program which has directed her approach to the work with a strong focus on spine safety.

She loves helping people understand the mechanics of proper alignment and muscular engagement and how it all relates to their everyday activities.