Megan Phillips, Studio Owner

IMG_4204Megan holds a BA in Women Studies from University of Washington and has translated the knowledge she attained in her studies to the creation of the New Body Pilates Studio. She wrote her thesis on mindfulness and found that Pilates was a perfect avenue in which to apply the concept to people’s lives.

Megan began practicing Pilates in 2004 and went on to a rigoruous apprenticeship with Jessica Keith (a Classical instructor with almost ten years teaching experience) where she studied directly under her and obtained Classical Pilates certification. Megan firmly believes that one creates the most effective change in the world when one is working from a solid foundation of a healthy body, mind and spirit; her overarching goal with New Body is to create a platform where people can align, reconnect with and transform their bodies, providing them with the basis to live their best lives.

She is passionate about her athletic endeavors including surfing, snowboarding, running, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding and has found that Pilates has improved her athletic performance more so than any other form of anaerobic exercise. While she specializes in working with athletes, she has had Pilates clients ranging in age from 16 to 75 and is happy to work around and through bodily limitations and injuries.

Other than her passion for health and fitness she is also an avid reader and writer and is currently a freelance writer who has been published in Seattle MagazineSeattle Bride Magazine and online magazine, Miss A. Megan loves to cook (healthfully!) and enjoys crafting raw superfood smoothies and juices.