Lisa Kelly-Klark

With over twenty years of experience and growth in the Healing Arts, Lisa Kelly-Klark, brings to her clients a wealth of experience rarely found in the Fitness and Wellness industry.  As a result of her own search for help with an athletic injury, Lisa was led to Pilates.  Shortly thereafter, her instructor, Janice Chronkhite, not only encouraged her to become a certified Pilates Trainer, but offered a position in her studio, Align and Define, A Pilates Studio,in Toluca Lake, Ca.

Her certification came through Pilates Sports Center in Studio City, CA.  PSC is well known for its contemporary approach to the method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s This method is one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates todays knowledge and principles. Working with PSC owners Lora Anderson and Nicole Martinez- Barreto , Lisa formulated a classical and progressive approach to create a well rounded Pilates certification in 2008. PSC is a Pilates Method Alliance certified studio.

Lisa is also is a certified Pilates trainer through the Pink Ribbon Program – a post operative work out enhancing recovery program for Breast Cancer survivors.

Lisa’s background includes working as a licensed massage therapist for women at a well known Country Club in Toluca Lake, CA. She also worked in the fitness industry as an instructor before that. She is dedicated to her meditation and spritual practice. Her warm smile and easy demeanor reflect her professional skills.  Her training provides clients with a Pilates teacher who has been taught variations and modifications to assist and identify clients with special needs, therefore creating an individual and well rounded workout for each client.

In  her spare time, Lisa loves  doing Yoga, Pilates, various exercise classes and taking long walks. She also enjoys reading, good food and treasures her friendships. Being a native Californian, who has just recently moved to the Northwest, you can count on Lisa to bring some sunshine into your workout program.